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Holidays Homework - Class VII

.Class VII


Holidays Homework

Session 2009-10

1. Make a newspaper 25’’15’’ inches in your own handwriting with pastal/catradge sheet of one colour, of your won based o the news published in the news paper between 16th May – 15th June.

News items to be included

Page-1 - Front Page

a) Name of your newspaper, Date (of the last day) & year.

b) Main News – Published on the front pages of newspaper.

c) Weather report of the last day.

Page2- International News

Page 3 Entertainment – Jokes, Short stories poems, comics, articles, puzzle and news form Media (T.V. movies) (any three)

Page 4 Sports news- apart form sports news, write an article on your favorite sports person.

· Reference site- Delhi, Aajtak, NDTV etc.

Q.2 Write the names of your family members and write adjective for each letter of their names. The adjective used for one person should not be repeated for any other person eg. – Sunita (mother)

S - Sweet

U - Understanding

N - Name

I - Intelligent

T - Talented

A - Affectionate

- Do it on any coloured sheets

Q.3 Do all exercises form unit – 2

(pg – 27to 51) (Reading section– unseen passage )

Q.4 Grammar

a) Write the meanings & make sentences of the following idioms-

(i) Apple of ones’ eye

2) At the eleventh hour

3) TO be in good books

4) crocodile tears

5) To fall a prey

b) Write the Homphones for the following words:-

i) Pear

ii) Break

iii) There

iv) Check

v) hair

c) Write the Antonyms of the following words:-

a) Amiable

b) Barren

c) Medicore

d) Optimist

e) Vague

Reference site:-

1) Brain pop. Com


3) manythings.

Class VII

Physics & Chemistry

1. Read the clues and solve the puzzle:


a) An element used for making wrapping foils.

b) Name of the element having symbol Na.

c) Common name of the compound whose chemical formula is H2O.


a) Ultimate source of light

b) An object that partially allows light to pass through it.

c) The most abundant gas in air.

2. Prepare a power point presentation on different phases of moon that occur during lunar eclipse and also mention its last occurrence in India.

3. Discuss various causes and steps taken by government to control water pollution. Cut and paste the articles from newspapers & magazines highlighting the plight of river Yamuna.

4. List out the human activities which have exploited the natural resources of the earth.

5. Collect information about the working of flute, the musical instrument.


Holidays Home work- 2009

1. A pot a tree. Cutting down of trees is a major concern for mankind. Choose a tree near your house and prepare a scrap book about it. You can find out its name in different languages as well as its scientific name. Draw pictures or click photographs of that useful for the community. (medicinal value, provides shade, fruit etc.)

2. Try to find out some information about blood group and their importance. Make a list of blood groups of 10 family members / class mates of yours.

3. Make a poster related to water shortage and water conservation to be displayed in school.

Social Science

Holidays Homework

Session 2009-2010

General Instructions:

Students should use their creative skill to enhance the beauty of the project. Hand work would be encouraged. Help can be taken from the Internet and reference books. Make a folder and attach the sheets in it.


Q.1 Collect the information on “Qutub Minar” and answer the following questions:-

a) Name the type of architecture which Qutub Minar follows.

b) Which country did the Craftsmen belong to. Who designed and constructed Qutub Minar?

c) Who started and completed the construction of Qutub Minar?

d) How many rings are there in Qutub Minar, What was the purpose of it?

e) “A recent news says that Qutub Minar is tiling” can you find its validity?

f) Find out the colour and type of rocks used to construct it?

g) Mention any three steps taken to conserve this monument?

h) Name the place where Qutub Minar has been constructed?

i) Find out other arts and architecture around Qutub Minar?


1. Explain the important of National Symbols and discuss any fine of them in detail. Paste them in a folder.

2. What is a constitution? Highlight some of the key ideals given in the preamble of the constitution?

3. Write few words on the following members of the constituent Assembly:-

a) Dr. Rajendra Prasad

b) Sarojini Naidu

c) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

d) Sardar Patel

e) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

4. Make a model of Electronic voting machine?


1. Draw a neat and labeled diagram on the components of Environment ?

2. Write short notes on:-

a) Lithosphere

b) Atmosphere

c) Hydrosphere

d) Biosphere

Computer Sc.


Make a utility/decorative object using waste compute peripherals like CD, Floopy, Mouse, cords etc.

Fore notes on the topic you can visit the blog: tech4us at

Maths Holidays Homework

Maths VII

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